Commercial Services

We provide organisations with the means to optimise their commercial returns, enhancing their overall financial performance.

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User Insights

In-Depth Understanding for Informed Decision Making

AirHealth offers a suite of user insights derived from our extensive air quality data and user interactions. This includes:

  • Detailed analysis of user behaviors and preferences in relation to air quality.

  • Insights into how different demographics engage with air quality issues.

  • Data-driven understanding of public concerns and interests in air health.

  • Customised reports to inform product development, marketing strategies, and corporate decision-making.

Leveraging these insights can empower your business to make more informed decisions, aligning your products and services with the needs and interests of your target audience.

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Marketing / Channel Play

Leverage Our Platform for Your Marketing Strategy

AirHealth provides a unique opportunity for commercial partners to engage with a diverse and informed audience. We offer:

  • Targeted advertising opportunities within our apps and website.

  • Co-branded content creation to align your brand with air quality and health issues.

  • Access to our engaged user base for market research and feedback.

  • Partnership opportunities for events, webinars, and educational campaigns.

By collaborating with AirHealth, you can position your brand at the forefront of environmental health awareness, connecting with consumers who value quality, sustainability, and health-conscious living.

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Data and APIs

Access Cutting-Edge Air Quality Data and Technology

Our commercial partners have access to:

  • Real-time and historical spatial pollen data through our robust APIs.

  • Detailed environmental data to enhance your business intelligence and analytics.

  • Tools for integrating air quality information into your own apps and services.

  • Technical support for API integration and data utilisation.

This access allows you to enrich your services with accurate and timely air quality information, providing added value to your customers and gaining a competitive edge in your industry.

Working towards a healthier community where everyone has the knowledge and tools that they need to manage their air and live well. 

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