Humans inhale

11,000 litres every day330,000 litres a month4M litres a year300M litres a lifetime

From our first breath to our last
what we breathe matters

AirHealth empowers Australians with the information they need to live well.

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Are you among the 1 in 5 Australians who experience symptoms from respiratory illnesses?

Are you at higher risk from poor air quality because of a chronic medical condition, older age or pregnancy?

Having daily insights into your air quality is crucial for making decisions and effectively managing your health. Whether it's due to bushfire smoke, pollen, planned burns, or woodfire smoke, our air quality is affected year-round.

Our apps provide real-time air quality information throughout Australia, enabling users to track their symptoms, identify potential triggers and make informed choices.


We empower millions of Australian with information to better manage their health.

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