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Our collection of apps – AirRater, Melbourne Pollen, Canberra Pollen, Sydney Pollen and Perth Pollen - provides real-time insights, empowering users to make informed decisions for proactive health management.



AirRater provides real time air quality, pollen and weather information across Australia. It also lets you track your symptoms, and will help you work out what aspects of the air might be your personal symptom triggers. The app sends notifications to help you plan and manage your activities.

We are the only app that provides air quality information from a scientifically-validated, Australian-developed air quality model that receives up to date information on landscape fires, including prescribed burns, and which is tailored to Australian fuels and weather conditions.

The Pollen Apps

Melbourne Pollen, Canberra Pollen, Sydney Pollen and Perth Pollen provide real-world pollen count data collected from our extensive network of monitoring sites and 7-day pollen forecasts from our validated pollen forecast system.

You can use the apps to track your hay fever symptoms to figure out which pollen types are triggering your symptoms. Our notification system can alert you when grass pollen levels in your area are high, helping you plan your activities.


The Pollen and Allergies Podcast

A podcast series that promises to be a game-changer for allergy sufferers and anyone keen on understanding the world of pollen and allergies.

Hosted by leading allergists, biologists, meteorologists, and air quality experts, this podcast series is your passport to expert insights, real-life stories, and the latest in allergy treatments.

Working towards a healthier community where everyone has the knowledge and tools that they need to manage their air and live well. 

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