Grant Williamson

Dr Grant Williamson
Earth Science Advisor

Dr Grant Williamson is Senior Research Fellow in the School of Natural Sciences at the University of Tasmania. He is a world leader in fire research, ranked 8th in global fire science by ExpertScape. He has high level expertise in big data, high-performance computing, smart-phone, and web applications, remote sensing, GIS, and programming.

Dr Williamson has expertise in measuring and modelling outdoor air pollution and was instrumental designing the Baseline Air Network of the EPA Tasmania (BLANkET). He developed the automated heatwave warning system used by the Tasmanian Department of Health, and advises the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) on fire history and smoke pollution data. In 2021, Dr Williamson was awarded the Eureka Prize in Applied Environmental Research for leading the report into the drivers of fire severity in the 2019/2020 fires for the NSW Bushfire Inquiry.

Working towards a healthier community where everyone has the knowledge and tools that they need to manage their air and live well. 

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